Matej Hotka Department of Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, Austria,
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Verena Burtscher Institute of Pharmacology and the Gaston H. Glock Research Laboratories for Exploratory Drug Development, Center of Physiology and Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, Austria,
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Walter Sandtner
  • Department of Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, Austria,
Research focus
  • Biophysics
  • 1 Author merit


Dr, Universität für Bodenkultur, Austria, 2004

Current position

Ass.Prof, Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Publications (§ corresponding author, * contributed equally)

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1 Protocol published
Authors:  Verena Burtscher, Matej Hotka and Walter Sandtner, date: 01/05/2019, view: 4059, Q&A: 0
In multi-cellular organisms, cells communicate with each other utilizing chemical messengers. For many of these messenger molecules, the membrane is an insurmountable barrier. Yet, they act by binding to surface proteins often triggering a cascade ...
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