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Master, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, 2017

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Technician, Cell Biology Facility, Tsinghua University, Beijing


  1. Zhao, C., Tian, M., Li, Y. and Zhang, P. (2017). Slow-growing pollen-tube of colchicine-induced 2n pollen responsible for low triploid production rate in Populus. Euphytica 213(4): 94.
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Examining Autophagy in Plant by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
Authors:  Xiyin Zheng, Chenguang Zhao and Yule Liu, date: 10/20/2018, view: 27, Q&A: 0
In plants, macroautophagy, here referred as autophagy, is a degradation pathway during which the double-membrane structure named autophagosome engulfs the cargo and then fuses with vacuole for material recycling.

To investigate the ...