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Svetlana Kurilova
  • Post-Doc, South Dakota State University
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • lipid sensors, protein-protein interactions, protein function, lipidomics, immunology, Fc receptors, macrophages, cell membrane dynamics, plasma membrane composition, microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, FRET, FRAP, supported lipid bilayer, antibody-mediated phagocytosis, novel cell imaging techniques


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015


S. Kurilova, B.L. Scott, and A.D. Hoppe (2016). Fast dynamics of FcγR microclusters during frustrated phagocytosis. ASCB Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Jia Lin, Svetlana Kurilova, Brandon Scott, Elizabeth Bosworth, Bradley E. Iverson, Elizabeth Bailey and Adam D. Hoppe (2016). "TIRF imaging of Fc gamma receptor microclusters dynamics and signaling on macrophages during frustrated
phagocytosis.” BMC Immunology 17:5

Liu, S.-L., R. Sheng, M. J. O'Connor, Y. Cui, Y. Yoon, S. Kurilova, D. Lee and W. Cho (2014). "Simultaneous In Situ Quantification of Two Cellular Lipid Pools Using Orthogonal Fluorescent Sensors." Angewandte Chemie-International
Edition 53(52): 14387-14391.

Afsari, H. S., S. Kurilova and W. Cho (2013). "Orthogonal In Situ Quantification of Multiple Cellular Lipids." Faseb Journal 27.

Stec, E., H. S. Afsari, S. Kurilova and W. Cho (2013). "In situ Quantification of Cellular Cholesterol using a Molecular Sensor." Faseb Journal 27.

Yao, L.-H., Y. Rao, C. Bang, S. Kurilova, K. Varga, C.-Y. Wang, B. D. Weller, W. Cho, J. Cheng and L.-W. Gong (2013). "Actin Polymerization Does Not Provide Direct Mechanical Forces for Vesicle Fission during Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis."
Journal of Neuroscience 33(40): 15793-15798.

Chen, Y., R. Sheng, M. Kaellberg, A. Silkov, M. P. Tun, N. Bhardwaj, S. Kurilova, R. A. Hall, B. Honig, H. Lu and W. Cho (2012). "Genome-wide Functional Annotation of Dual-Specificity Protein- and Lipid-Binding Modules that Regulate
Protein Interactions." Molecular Cell 46(2): 226-237.

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Alexander Majouga, D. P., Irina Ananieva, Svetlana Kurilova, Oleg Shpigun, Nikolay Kuz'menko, Nikolay Zyk (2010). "New separation materials based on gold nanoparticles." Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 21(8): 950-955.
3 Protocols reviewed
Zebrafish Bacterial Infection Assay to Study Host-Pathogen Interactions
Authors:  Faiza Basheer, Clifford Liongue and Alister C Ward, date: 03/05/2020, view: 293, Q&A: 0
The study of host-pathogen interactions has improved our understanding of both pathogenesis and the response of the host to infection, including both innate and adaptive responses. Neutrophils and macrophages represent the first line of innate host ...
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A Novel Technique for Imaging and Analysis of Hair Cells in the Organ of Corti Using Modified Sca/eS and Machine Learning
Here, we describe a sorbitol-based optical clearing method, called modified Sca/eS that can be used to image all hair cells (HCs) in the mouse cochlea. This modification of Sca/eS is defined by three steps: decalcification, de-lipidation, and ...
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