Nafisa M. Jadavji
  • Instructor, Department of Neuroscience, Carleton University, Canada
Research focus
  • My research focuses on understanding how nutrition impacts neurological function over the lifespan.
  • 1 Author merit


PhD, McGill University, Canada, 2012

Lab information



Peer Review Publications


1. Jadavji NM*, Murray LK, Emmerson JT, Rudyk CA, Hayley S, Smith PD. (Accepted) A genetic deficiency in one-carbon metabolism increases oxidative stress in a mouse mode of Parkinson’s disease. Toxicological Sciences. (IF=4.398).


2. Jadavji NM*, Emmerson JT, Shanmugalingam U, Willmore WG, MacFarlane AJ, Smith PD (2018) MTHFR-deficiency increases vulnerability to stroke: in vitro and in vivo. Experimental Neurology, 309:14-22 (IF = 4.483) PMID: 30055159

3. Murray LK, Smith MJ, Jadavji NM* (2018) Maternal over supplementation with folic acid and its impact on neurodevelopment of offspring. Nutrition Reviews. 76(9):708-721. (IF = 5.54) PMID: 30010929

4. Zhang M+, Jadavji NM+*, Yoo HS, Smith PD (2018) Human GDF-11 counteracts age-related short-term memory impairments in middle-aged mice. Behavioural Brain Research,341:45-49. (IF = 3.002) PMID: 29253511


5. Jadavji NM* (2017) The integrated stress response is not a target for diffuse white matter injury in premature infants. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(49): 11772-1173. (IF=5.924). PMID: 29212946.

6. Prieur EAK, Pjetri E, Ziesel S, Jadavji NM* (2017) BHMT-deficiency results in brain atrophy and impairs memory in mice. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 42(11):1228-1231(IF=2.789) PMID: 28715642

7. Emmerson JT, Murray LK, Jadavji NM* (2017) Impact of one-carbon metabolism on neural regeneration in the central nervous system. Neural Regeneration,12(7): 1-2 (IF = 2.234) PMID: 28852387 *invited submission

8. Jadavji NM*, Emmerson JE, Willmore WG, MacFarlane AJ, Smith PD (2017) B-vitamin and choline supplementation increases neuroplasticity and recovery after stroke. Neurobiology of disease, 103:89-100 (IF=5.624) PMID: 28396257.

9. Bahous R, Jadavji NM, Deng L, Cosin-Tomas M, Lu J, Malysheva O, Leung KY, Ho MK, Pallas M, Kaliman P, Greene NDE, Bedell BJ, Caudill MA, Rozen R (2017) High dietary folate in pregnant mice leads to pseudo-MTHFR deficiency and altered methyl metabolism, with embryonic growth delay and short-term memory impairment in offspring. Human Molecular Genetics, 26:888-900 (IF=5.571) PMID: 28069796

10. Dam K, Füchtemeier M, Farr TD, Boehm-Strum P, Foddis M, Dirnagl U, Jadavji NM* (2017) Deficiencies in methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and dietary folic acid alter choline metabolism during chronic hypoperfusion. Behavioral Brain Research, 321:201-208 (IF =3.002) PMID: 28087280


11. Koturbash I, Jadavji NM, Kutanzi K, Rodriguez-Juarez R, Kogosov D, Metz G, Kovalchuk, Ol (2016) Fractionated low-dose exposure to ionizing Radiation Leads to DNA Damage, Epigenetic Dysregulation, and Behavioral Impairment. Environmental Epigenetics, 2(4):1-13.

12. Grummisch JA, Jadavji NM, Smith PD (2016) The pleiotropic effects of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) in the brain: implications for stroke recovery. Neural Regeneration Research, 11: 1401-2. (IF = 2.234) PMID: 27482209

13. Emmerson JT, Jadavji NM* (2016) Impact of maternal folic acid deficiencies on early childhood neurological development. Journal of Pediatric Reviews, 4(2): e6174 *invited submission

14. Shanmugalingam U, Jadavji NM, Smith PD (2016) Role of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor in regeneration of the central nervous system. Neural Regeneration Research,11(6): 902-903. (IF = 2.234) PMID: 27482209 *invited submission

15. Grummisch JA, Jadavji NM, Smith PD (2016) Tissue plasminogen activator promotes cell survival in vitro during early postnatal neuronal development via Janus kinase 2- and mammalian target of rapamycin-dependent mechanisms. Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, 74: 25-33. (IF = 3.843) PMID:26995507

16. Theoret JK+, Jadavji NM+*, Zhang M,Smith PD (2016) Stroke-induced expression of GM-CSF receptor following white matter damage: implications for targeted stroke therapy via activation of mTOR signaling pathway. European Journal of Neuroscience, 43(1):17-24. (IF = 3.753) PMID:26474338


17. Jadavji NM, Malysheva O, Caudill MA, Rozen R (2015) MTHFR deficiency or reduced intake of folate or choline in pregnant mice results in impaired short-term memory and increased apoptosis in hippocampus in wild-type offspring. Neuroscience, 300: 1-9. (IF = 3.327) PMID: 25956258

18. Jadavji NM*, Wieske F, Dirgnal U, Winter C (2015) Methylenetetrahydrfolate reductase deficiency alters levels of monoamine neurotransmitters, glutamate and gamma aminobutyric acid in brain tissue. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism and Genetics Reports, 3:1-4. PMID: 26937386

19. Jadavji NM*, Farr TD, Lips L, Khalil A, Boehm-Sturm P, Harms C, Foddis M, Füchtemeier M, Dirnagl (2015) Elevated levels of homocysteine, deficiencies in folic acid and uracil-DNA glycosylase impair learning in a mouse model of vascular cognitive impairment. Behavioural Brain Research, 283: 215-226. (IF = 3.391). PMID: 2565513


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21. Jadavji NM, Deng L, Leclerc D, Malysheva O, Caudill MA, Bedell BJ, Rozen R (2012) Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency in mice impairs motor and cognitive function, with morphological and neurobiochemical changes in cerebellum and hippocampus. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 106(2):149-159 (IF = 3.774) PMID: 22521626


22. Jadavji NM, Supina RD, Metz GA (2011) Blocking glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors neutralizes motor function impairment associated with stress. Neuroendocrinology, 94(4):278-90. (IF = 4.373) PMID:22024815


23. Zucchi FCR, Kirkland SW, Jadavji NM, van Waes L, Klein A, Supina R, Metz GA (2009) Predictable stress versus unpredictable stress: a comparison in a rodent model of stroke. Behavioral Brain Research, 205(1):67-75. (IF = 3.002) PMID: 19573561.

24. Jadavji NM, Metz GA (2009) Both pre- and post-treatment with experiential therapy is beneficial in 6-OHDA dopamine-depleted rat. Neuroscience, 158(2):373-86. (IF = 3.327) PMID: 19032978


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26. Smith LK, Jadavji NM, Colwell KL, Perehudoff SK Metz GA (2008) Stress and glucocorticoids accelerate dopaminergic apoptosis and exaggerate motor symptoms in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease. European Journal of Neuroscience, 27(8): 2133-2146. (IF = 3.753) PMID: 18412632


27. Jadavji NM, Metz GA (2007) Experiential therapy for Parkinson’s disease. University of Lethbridge Graduate Student Association Conference Proceedings. 1(1):62-68


28. Jadavji NM, Kolb B and Metz GA (2006) Enriched environment improves motor function in intact and dopamine-depleted rats: implications for Parkinson’s disease. Neuroscience, 140(4): 1127-1138. (IF = 3.327) PMID: 1667892


29. Metz GA, Jadavji NM and Smith LK (2005) Modulation of motor function by stress: a novel concept of the effects of stress and corticosterone on behavior. European Journal of Neuroscience, 22(5): 1190-1200. (IF = 3.753) PMID: 16176362

Book chapters

1. Murray LK, Emmerson JT, Jadavji NM* (2017) Roles of Folate in Neurological Function. In Folic Acid: Sources, Health Effects, and Role in Disease. Nova Publishers Science Inc. p81-104. *invited submission

2. Jadavji NM* (2014) Betaine and the brain. Horizons in Neuroscience Research. Volume 15. Editors: Andreas Costa and Eugenio Villalba. Nova Science Publishers Inc. p225-231*invited submission

Technical reports

1. Jadavji NM, Adi MN, Corkery TC, Inoue J, Van Benthem, K. (2016). The 2016 Canadian National Postdoctoral Survey Report: An Emerging Shadow Workforce. Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars-L'Association Canadienne de Stagiaires Post-doctoraux.

Peer Review Undergraduate Publications

1. Radhakrishnan A, Jadavji NM* (In Press) The effects of vascular cognitive impairment on the thickness of the granular cell layer of the dentate gyrus within the hippocampus in a mouse model. Journal of Student Science, and Technology.

2. Lam K, Jadavji NM (2018) Seeking Happiness: Understanding the mechanism of mixing music and drugs. Journal of Young Investigators. 34(5): 31-38.

3. El Koussy M and Jadavji NM (2017) Therapeutic potential of optogenetic treatment for Iindividuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Journal of Young Investigators. 33(4); 15-20. doi: 10.22186/jyi.33.4.77-82 *Nominated for 2017 Best of JYI

4. Milani CM and Jadavji NM (2017) Chronic traumatic encephalopathy: connecting mechanisms to diagnosis and treatment. Journal of Young Investigators. 33(4); 21-23. doi: 10.22186/jyi.33.4.83-86.
*Nominated for 2017 Best of JYI

5. Mau KJ, Jadavji NM (2017) A new perspective on Parkinson’s disease: pathology begins in the gastrointestinal tract. Journal of Young Investigators. 33(4); 1-8. doi: 10.22186/jyi.33.4.64-70.

6. McIntosh A and Jadavji NM (2017) Application of neuroscience principles for evidence-based design in architectural education. Journal of Young Investigators. 33(4); 9-14. doi:10.22186.33.4.71-76.

7. Owens G, Smith PD, Jadavji NM* (2016) Neurogenesis Unchanged by MTHFR Deficiency in Three-Week-Old Mice. Journal of Young Investigators. 31(6); 39-43. doi: 10.22186/jyi.31.6.39

8. Jadavji NM*, Armstrong-Esther Chris (2006) A 21st century epidemic: childhood obesity in north America. Journal of Young Investigators. 15 (2): E-publication.

9. Jadavji NM*, Foroud A, Whishaw IQ, Metz GA (2006) Silencing huntington’s chorea: is RNA interference a potential cure? mpulse an Undergraduate Journal for Neuroscience. 1: 1-13
1 Protocol published
Assessing Spatial Working Memory Using the Spontaneous Alternation Y-maze Test in Aged Male Mice
Authors:  Emily A.K. Prieur and Nafisa M. Jadavji, date: 02/05/2019, view: 11896, Q&A: 0
The global population is aging and the prevalence of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia is increasing. Understanding functional impairments and disease processes is of vital importance in order to develop ...
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