Dinesh Adhikary
  • Graduate, University of British Columbia
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • Plant Transformation


JW Clouse*, D Adhikary*, JT Page, T Ramaraj, MK Deyholos, JA Udall, DJ Fairbanks, EN Jellen, PJ Maughan “The Amaranth Genome: Genome, Transcriptome, and Physical Map Assembly.” The Plant Genome (2016):
*Shared first co-authorship

D Adhikary, DB. Pratt. “Morphologic and Taxonomic Analysis of the Weedy and Cultivated Amaranthus hybridus Species Complex.” Systematic Botany 40.2 (2015): 604–610.

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D. Adhikary, U. KC, F. Tymm, SJ. Murch, MK. Deyholos. Virus induced gene-silencing (VIGS) system for functional genomics in betalainic species, Amaranthus tricolor. Plant Cell Reports (Under Review)