Yaping Sun
  • Graduate, Institute of biophysics, Chinese academy of sciences
Research focus
  • Biophysics
  • proteomics, lipidomics, insulin resistance
  • 0 Author merit

Lab information

our lab majors in proteomics and lipidomics. we use these techniques to solve the biological problem.


Proteomics and lipidomic analysis of different unsaturated fatty acid restoring PA-induced insulin resistance. (unreview, first author)
Liang, R., Sun, Y., Liu, Y., Wang, J., Wu, Y., Li, Z., Ma, L., Zhang, N., Zhang, L., Wei, X., Qu, Z., Zhang, N. and Xia, C. (2018). Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I (FLA-E*01801) Molecular Structure in Domestic Cats Demonstrates Species-Specific Characteristics in Presenting Viral Antigen Peptides. J Virol 92(6).
Crystal structures for C-reactive protein from zebrafish demonstrate a novel cyclic trimer and an unexpected structural basis for C1q bindin. (coauthor)
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