Guangzhi Zhang Institute of Animal Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China
3 protocols

Palaniappan Sivasankar Periyar University
1 protocol

Shailesh Kumar National Institute of Health
3 protocols

Zhaohui Liu North Dakota State University
51 protocols

Himanshu Sharma
Research focus
  • Biological sciences
  • Structural biology, Infection biology


Sharma H, Anand B (2016). Fluorescence Bimolecular Complementation Enables Facile Detection of Ribosome Assembly Defects in Escherichia coli RNA Biol., 13: 872-882

Assembly Defects Abrogate Proofreading by Initiation Factors and License the Entry of Premature Ribosomes into the Translation Cycle
Himanshu Sharma, B Anand
2 Protocols reviewed
A Fluorescence Dequenching-based Liposome Leakage Assay to Measure Membrane Permeabilization by Pore-forming Proteins
Authors:  Javier Aguilera, Salvador Vazquez-Reyes and Jianjun Sun, date: 05/20/2021, view: 2630, Q&A: 0

Pore-forming toxins (PFTs) have been discovered in a wide range of organisms. Their functions are essential to the survival or virulence of many species. PFTs often interact with lipid membranes. Large unilamellar vesicles (LUV), also known as

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An Improved Bioassay to Study Arabidopsis Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) Against Bacterial Pathogens and Insect Pests
Authors:  Nicolás M. Cecchini, Yi Song, Suruchi Roychoudhry, Jean T. Greenberg and Cara H. Haney, date: 05/20/2019, view: 4570, Q&A: 0
The plant immune system is essential for plants to perceive and defend against bacterial, fungal and insect pests and pathogens. Induced systemic resistance (ISR) is a systemic immune response that occurs upon root colonization by beneficial ...
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