Chen Chen
  • Faculty, Yangzhou University
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • Endosperm development
    Embryo development
    Epigenetic regulation of seed development


Ph.D, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS, 2012

Lab information

PI. Chen Chen
College of Agriculture
Yangzhou University

1. Chen C*, Li T, Zhu S, Liu Z, Shi Z, Zheng X, Chen R, Huang J, Shen Y, Luo S, Wang L, Liu QQ, E Z*. Characterization of imprinted genes in rice reveals conservation of regulation and imprinting with other plant species. Plant Physiology, 2018, 177:1754-1771. (Corresponding author)

2. Kang X, Xu G, Lee B, Chen C, Zhang H, Kuang R, Ni M*. HRB2 and BBX21 interaction modulates Arabidopsis ABI5 locus and stomatal aperture. Plant Cell & Environment, 2018, 41:1912-1925.

3. E Z, Li T, Zhang H, Liu Z, Deng H, Sharma S, Wei X, Wang L, Niu B, Chen C*, A group of nuclear factor Y transcription factors are sub-functionalized during endosperm development in monocots. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2018, 69:2495-2510. (Corresponding author)

4. Liu S, Xue C, Fang Y, Chen G, Peng X, Zhou Y, Chen C, Liu G, Gu M, Wang K, Zhang W, Wu Y, Gong Z*. Global involvement of lysine crotonylation in protein modification and transcription regulation in rice. Molecular & Cell Proteomics, 2018, in press.

5. Xue C, Liu S, Chen C, Zhu J, Yang X, Zhou Y, Guo R, Liu X, Gong Z*. Global Proteome Analysis Links Lysine Acetylation to Diverse Functions in Oryza Sativa. Proteomics, 2018,18:1700036.

6. Chen C*, E Z, Lin HX. Evolution and Molecular Control of Hybrid Incompatibility in Plants. Frontiers in Plant Science, 2016, 7:1208. (Corresponding author)

7. Chen C, Begcy K, Liu K, Folsom JJ, Wang Z, Zhang C, Walia H*. Heat stress yields a unique MADS box transcription factor in determining seed size and thermal sensitivity. Plant Physiology, 2016, 171:606-622.

8. Chen C, Chen H, Lin YS, Shen JB, Shan JX, Qi P, Shi M, Zhu MZ, Huang XH, Feng Q, Han B, Jiang L, Gao JP*, Lin HX*. A two-locus interaction causes interspecific hybrid weakness in rice. Nature Communications, 2014, 5:3357.

9. Chen C, Chen H, Shan JX, Zhu MZ, Shi M, Gao JP*, Lin HX*. Genetic and physiological analysis of a novel type of interspecific hybrid weakness in rice. Molecular Plant, 2013, 6:716-728.

10. Chen C, Xiao YG, Li X, Ni M*. Light-regulated stomatal aperture in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant, 2012, 5:566-572.
1 Protocol reviewed
Genome-wide Estimation of Evolutionary Distance and Phylogenetic Analysis of Homologous Genes
Authors:  Meixia Zhao, Biao Zhang, Jianxin Ma and Damon Lisch, date: 12/05/2018, view: 4758, Q&A: 0
Homologous genes, including paralogs and orthologs, are genes that share sequence homologies within or between different species. Homologous genes originate from a common origin through speciation, genetic duplication or horizontal gene transfer. ...
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