Eduardo Rosa-Molinar
  • Faculty, The University of Kansas
Research focus
  • Neuroscience
  • Rosa-Molinar and his group focuses on developing/refining reagents, technologies, and workflows based on analytical electron microcopy, specifically, scanning transmission electron microscopy and electron spectroscopy, in order to determine the three-dimensional nano-scale geometry and chemical composition of synapses. We are particularly interested in “mixed synapses”, a poorly studied synapse that combines the features of both chemical and electrical synapses (i.e., gap junction).


Ph.D., The University of Nebraska Medical Center, 1997

Lab information

Rosa-Molinar Lab


Peer-Reviewed Extended Abstracts in Peer-Reviewed Journals and Trade Magazines in Optics, Photonics, and Microscopy (published)
1. Clymer, M. and E. Rosa-Molinar (2014). Microscopy Shows Its True Colors. Biophotonics
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Peer-Reviewed Papers (published)
1. Langerhans, R.B. and Rosa-Molinar, E. (2021). A novel body plan alters diversification of body shape and genitalia in live-bearing fish. Front. Ecol. Evol.. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2021.619232.
2. Kopec, B.M., Kiptoo, P., Zhao, L., Rosa-Molinar, E., and Siahaan, T.J. (2020). Noninvasive Brain Delivery and Efficacy of BDNF to Stimulate Neuroregeneration and Suppression of Disease Relapse in EAE Mice. Mol Pharm. 3;17(2):404-416.
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1. Martinez-Rivera, N., Serrano-Velez, J. L., Lauder, G. V. and Rosa-Molinar E. (2010). New Insights into Gambusia Behavior. For: Viviparous Fishes III, M. Uribe and H.J. Grier, editors, New Life Publications, Inc., Homestead, FL, pp. 13-30
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