Marc-Antoine Sani University of Melbourne
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Neelanjan Bose Emery Pharma
30 protocols

Mukesh Mahajan
  • Research associate, University of Michigan
Research focus
  • Biophysics
  • Peptides, Protein Biochemistry, Biophysics, Structural Biology and NMR


PhD, Nanyang Technological University, 2014

Lab information

Greg Thurber Lab

1. Mahajan M., Ravula T., Prade E., Anantharamaiah G. M., and Ramamoorthy A. Probing membrane enhanced protein-protein interactions in the minimal redox complex of Cytochrome-P450 and P450-reductase. Chemical Communications 55 (41), 5777-5780.

2. Prade E., Mahajan M.*, Im S.C., Zhang M., Gentry K., Anantharamaiah G. M., Waskell L. and Ramamoorthy A. A Minimal Functional Complex of CYP450 and FBD of CYP450 Reductase in Nanodiscs. Angewandte Chemie, 2018, 57(28): 8458-8462.

3. Mahajan M., Chatterjee D., Bhuvaneswari K., Pillay S., Bhattacharjya S. NMR Structure and Localization of a Large Fragment of the SARS-CoV Fusion Protein: Implications in Viral Cell Fusion. BBA-Biomembranes. 2018, 1860(2): 407-415.

4. Ravula T., Barnaba C., Mahajan M., Anantharamiah G.M., Im S.C., Waskell L., Ramamoorthy A. The Membrane Environment Drives Cytochrome P450’s Spin Transition and its Interaction with Cytochrome b5. Chem. Commun. 2017, 53, 12798-12801. (Selected for the cover page of journal).

5. Gentry K., Prade E., Barnaba C., Zhang M., Mahajan M., Im S.C., Anantharamaiah G. M., Nagao S., Waskell L. and Ramamoorthy A. (2017) Kinetic and Structural Characterization of the Effects of Membrane on the Complex of Cytochrome b5 and Cytochrome c. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7: 7793.

6. Kumar A., Mahajan M., Awasthi B., Tandon A., Harioudh M., Shree S., Singh P., Shukla P., Ramachandran R., Mitra K., Bhattacharjya S. and Ghosh J. K. Piscidin-1-analogs with double L- and D-lysine residues exhibited different conformations in lipopolysaccharide but comparable anti-endotoxin activities. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7: 39925.

7. D’Souza A. Mahajan M. and Bhattacharjya S. Designed Multi-stranded Heme Binding beta-Sheet Peptides in Membrane. Chemical Sciences, 2016, 7, 2563-2571. (Published as an Edge article).

8. Mahajan M. and Bhattacharjya S. NMR structure and Localization of Fusion Peptides of SARS-CoV: Implications in Membrane Fusion. BBA-Biomembranes, 2015, 1848 (2): 721–730.

9. Mahajan M. and Bhattacharjya S. Designed Di-Heme Binding Helical Transmembrane Protein. ChemBioChem. 2014, 15 (9): 1257-1262. (Published as Inside cover of the journal).

10. Mahajan M. and Bhattacharjya S. β-Hairpin Peptides: Heme Binding, Catalysis, and Structure in Detergent Micelles. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52: 6430–6434. (Finalist in Reaxys Ph.D. Prize 2014).
1 Protocol reviewed
In vivo and in vitro 31P-NMR Study of the Phosphate Transport and Polyphosphate Metabolism in Hebeloma cylindrosporum in Response to Plant Roots Signals
We used in vivo and in vitro phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance (31P-NMR) spectroscopy to follow the change in transport, compartmentation and metabolism of phosphate in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma ...
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