Katsutoshi Tsuda Experimental Farm, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
2 protocols

Akiteru Maeno
  • Technical Specialist , Plant Cytogenetics Laboratory and Technical Unit, National Institute of Genetics
Research focus
  • Anatomy , MicroCT
  • 3D imaging
  • 1 Author merit


M.S. in Agriculture, Nihon University Graduate School, Japan, 1995

Lab information

3D imaging room in National Institute of Genetics


1. Morita S, Ando T, Maeno A, Mizutani T, Mase M, Shigenobu S, Niimi T.
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PLoS Genet. 2019 Apr 10;15(4):e1008063

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1 Protocol published
Micro-computed Tomography to Visualize Vascular Networks in Maize Stems
Authors:  Akiteru Maeno and Katsutoshi Tsuda, date: 01/05/2018, view: 3773, Q&A: 0
Plant vascular systems in the stem connect roots with aerial organs to move solutes containing minerals, nutrients as well as signaling molecules, and therefore, they play pivotal roles in plant growth and development. However, stem vascular ...
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