Grace Pavlath Pharmacology Department, Emory University, USA, USA,
1 protocol

Alicia Cutler MCDB, University of Colorado Boulder
1 protocol

Anita H Corbett
  • Biology Department, Emory University, USA, USA,
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • 1 Author merit
1 Protocol published
Biochemical Isolation of Myonuclei from Mouse Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Authors:  Alicia A Cutler, Anita H Corbett and Grace K Pavlath, date: 12/20/2017, view: 8420, Q&A: 0
Skeletal muscle provides the contractile force necessary for movement, swallowing, and breathing and, consequently, is necessary for survival. Skeletal muscle cells are unique in that they are extremely large cells containing thousands of nuclei. ...
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