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Sarah Hake
  • Plant Gene Expression Center, ARS-USDA, USA, USA,
Research focus
  • Plant science
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PhD, Washington University, USA

Current position

Center Director, USDA-ARS, Plant Gene Expression Center, USA

Publications(since 2010)

  1. Zhang, D., Sun, W., Singh, R., Zheng, Y., Cao, Z., Li, M., Lunde, C., Hake, S. and Zhang, Z. (2018). GRF-interacting factor1 Regulates Shoot Architecture and Meristem Determinacy in Maize. Plant Cell 30(2): 360-374.
  2. Tsuda, K., Abraham-Juarez, M. J., Maeno, A., Dong, Z., Aromdee, D., Meeley, R., Shiroishi, T., Nonomura, K. I. and Hake, S. (2017). KNOTTED1 Cofactors, BLH12 and BLH14, Regulate Internode Patterning and Vein Anastomosis in Maize. Plant Cell 29(5): 1105-1118.
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Growing and Pollinating Maize
Authors:  Sarah Hake and China Lunde, date: 05/05/2018, view: 4091, Q&A: 0
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