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Rajesh D Gunage
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  • Stem cell
  • How stemness and differentiated cell transcriptome are modulated and maintained for a specific function is unknown. RNA fate in such cases is crucial and the molecular machinery regulation this is still a mystery to great extent. My current research employs Human hematopoietic stem cells, I am investigating how stem cells form differentiated cells and how RNA changes accompanied regulate fate change.
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Authors:  Kunal Chakraborty, K. VijayRaghavan and Rajesh Gunage, date: 05/20/2018, view: 6415, Q&A: 0
Inducing an injury specifically to Drosophila flight muscles is a difficult task, owing to the small size of the muscles and the presence of the cuticle. The protocol described below provides an easy and reproducible method to induce injury ...
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Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation Protocol Enabling Nano-to-mesoscopic Mapping of Cellular Connectomes and Their Habitats in Human Tissues and Organs
Multibeam scanning electron microscopy (multiSEM) provides a technical platform for seamless nano-to-mesoscale mapping of cells in human tissues and organs, which is a major new initiative of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Such ...
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Hypochlorous Acid Staining with R19-S in the Drosophila Intestine upon Ingestion of Opportunistic Bacteria
Authors:  Salma Hachfi, Olivia Benguettat and Armel Gallet, date: 05/20/2019, view: 3770, Q&A: 0
The intestine is endowed with an innate immune system that is required to fight any exogenous bacteria that are swallowed along with the food. The first line of defense that is mounted by the gut epithelium is the release of immune Reactive Oxygen ...
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