Manish Kumar Patel
  • Post-Doc, National Institute of Plant Genome Research
Research focus
  • Plant Metabolomics and Molecular Biology
  • Transcriptomics and Metabolomics, Molecular Biology, Abiotic Stress, Plant Tissue Culture


P. hd, CSIR-CSMCRI, 2016

Lab information

Jitendra Kumar Thakur,s Lab


1. Patel M K, Tanna B, Mishra A, Jha B (2018) Physicochemical characterization, antioxidant and anti-proliferative activities of a polysaccharide extracted from psyllium (P. ovata) leaves. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (In Press).

2. Patel M K, Mishra A, Jha B (2016) Non-targeted metabolite profiling and scavenging activity unveil the nutraceutical potential of psyllium (Plantago ovata Forsk). Frontiers in Plant Science 7: 431 (3/1 – Q1).

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