Akira Karasawa Molecular Medicine, Cornell University, USA
3 protocols

Alba Blesa Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
12 protocols

Edgar Soria-Gomez Faculty of Medicine and Nursery, University of the Basque Country
19 protocols

Elizabeth Libby Harvard Medical School
17 protocols

Beatrice Li
  • Post-Doc, University of Oxford
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • Structural biology of large cellular assemblies


PhD, University of London, 2015

Lab information

Vakonakis Lab


3 Protocols reviewed
Cryo-transmission Electron Microscopy of Outer-inner Membrane Vesicles Naturally Secreted by Gram-negative Pathogenic Bacteria
A protocol was developed to visualize and analyze the structure of membrane vesicles (MVs) from Gram-negative bacteria. It is now accepted that these micrometric spherical vesicles are commonly produced by cells from all three domains of life, so ...
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Bacterial Microcolonies in Gel Beads for High-throughput Screening
Author:  Yolanda Schaerli, date: 07/05/2018, view: 3886, Q&A: 0
High-throughput screening of a DNA library expressed in a bacterial population for identifying potentially rare members displaying a property of interest is a crucial step for success in many experiments such as directed evolution of proteins and ...
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