Agnieszka Zienkiewicz Nicolaus Copernicus University
23 protocols

Andrea Gramatica Weill Cornell Medicine
3 protocols

David Cisneros Umeå University
33 protocols

Yanjie Li Yale University
30 protocols

Sandeep Dave
  • Post-Doc, Texas A&M University
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • Membrane-less Organelles, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, Low Complexity Domain Protein, amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Protein Folding, Fronto-temporal Dementia (FTD), fused in Sarcoma (FUS Protein), Hydrogel, Nuclear Import Proteins, Nuclear Pore Complex, Nuclear Transport, Nup62, Nup98, Particle Tracking, Protein Droplets, Protein Phase Separation, Protein Stability, Protein Transport, Single Molecule Microscopy, Stress Granules, Photo-activated Localization Microscopy (PALM or pPALM), Transportin, Biophysics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Cell Biology.
3 Protocols reviewed
In vitro Assay for Bacterial Membrane Protein Integration into Proteoliposomes
Authors:  Hanako Nishikawa, Masaru Sasaki and Ken-ichi Nishiyama, date: 05/20/2020, view: 2476, Q&A: 0
It is important to experimentally determine how membrane proteins are integrated into biomembranes to unveil the roles of the integration factors, and to understand the functions and structures of membrane proteins. We have developed a ...
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Fluorescence Microscopy Assay to Measure HIV-1 Capsid Uncoating Kinetics in vitro
The stability of the HIV-1 capsid and the spatiotemporal control of its disassembly, a process called uncoating, need to be finely tuned for infection to proceed. Biochemical methods for measuring capsid lattice disassembly in bulk are unable to ...
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