Alka Mehra Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology
35 protocols

Amit Dey International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
14 protocols

Antoine de Morree Stanford university
36 protocols

Saswata Sankar Sarkar Stanford University
3 protocols

Zijian Zhang
  • Post-Doc, Baylor College of Medicine
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • Epigenetics, DNA modification, RNA modification, brain tumor, macrophage, nanomedicine,


PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2013

3 Protocols reviewed
Isolation of Lipid Rafts from Cultured Mammalian Cells and Their Lipidomics Analysis
Authors:  Nigora Mukhamedova, Kevin Huynh, Hann Low, Peter J. Meikle and Dmitri Sviridov, date: 07/05/2020, view: 109, Q&A: 0
Lipid rafts are distinct liquid-ordered domains of plasma membranes of most eukaryotic cells providing platform for signaling pathways. Lipid composition of rafts is critical for their structural integrity and for regulation of signaling pathways ...
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Measuring cAMP Specific Phosphodiesterase Activity: A Two-step Radioassay
Authors:  Connor M. Blair, Jiayue Ling and George S. Baillie, date: 04/05/2020, view: 430, Q&A: 0
Cyclic nucleotide degrading phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzymes are crucial to the fine tuning of cAMP signaling responses, playing a pivotal role in regulating the temporal and spatial characteristics of discrete cAMP nanodomains and hence the activity ...
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