Frieder Schöck Department of Biology, McGill University
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Océane Marescal Biology, McGill University, Montreal
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Yu Shu Xiao Department of Biology, McGill University, Canada, Canada,
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Gülçin ÇAKAN AKDOĞAN Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center
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Nicanor González-Morales
  • Research associate, Biology, McGill University, Canada
Research focus
  • Developmental biology
  • Muscle, actin dynamics, Drosophila
  • 2 Author merit


Ph.D., CNRS Nice, France, 2014

Lab information

Frieder Schöck Lab

• González-Morales, N. and Schöck, F. (2020). Commentary: Nanoscopy reveals the layered organization of the sarcomeric H-zone and I-band complexes. Front Cell Dev Biol 8: 74.
• González-Morales, N., Xiao, Y. S., Schilling, M. A., Marescal, O., Liao, K. A. and Schöck, F. (2019). Myofibril diameter is set by a finely tuned mechanism of protein oligomerization in Drosophila. Elife 8: 50496.
• González-Morales, N., Marsh, T. W., Katzemich, A., Marescal, O., Xiao, Y. S. and Schöck, F. (2019). Different Evolutionary Trajectories of Two Insect-Specific Paralogous Proteins Involved in Stabilizing Muscle Myofibrils. Genetics 212(3): 743-755.
• Xiao, Y. S., Schock, F. and Gonzalez-Morales, N. (2017). Rapid IFM Dissection for Visualizing Fluorescently Tagged Sarcomeric Proteins. Bio Protoc 7(22).
• González-Morales, N., Holenka, T. K. and Schöck, F. (2017). Filamin actin-binding and titin-binding fulfill distinct functions in Z-disc cohesion. PLoS Genet 13(7): e1006880.
• Liao, K. A., González-Morales, N. and Schöck, F. (2016). Zasp52, a Core Z-disc Protein in Drosophila Indirect Flight Muscles, Interacts with alpha-Actinin via an Extended PDZ Domain. PLoS Genet 12(10): e1006400.
• Gonzalez-Morales, N., Mendoza-Ortiz, M. A., Blowes, L. M., Missirlis, F. and Riesgo-Escovar, J. R. (2015). Ferritin Is Required in Multiple Tissues during Drosophila melanogaster Development. PLoS One 10(7): e0133499.
• Gonzalez-Morales, N., Geminard, C., Lebreton, G., Cerezo, D., Coutelis, J. B. and Noselli, S. (2015). The Atypical Cadherin Dachsous Controls Left-Right Asymmetry in Drosophila. Dev Cell 33(6): 675-689.
• Coutelis, J. B., González-Morales, N., Géminard, C. and Noselli, S. (2014). Diversity and convergence in the mechanisms establishing L/R asymmetry in metazoa. EMBO Rep 15(9): 926-937.
• Géminard, C., González-Morales, N., Coutelis, J. B. and Noselli, S. (2014). The myosin ID pathway and left-right asymmetry in Drosophila. Genesis 52(6): 471-480.
2 Protocols published
Authors:  Océane Marescal, Frieder Schöck and Nicanor González-Morales, date: 04/05/2020, view: 2855, Q&A: 0
Protein-protein interactions in Drosophila myofibrils are essential for their function and formation. Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC) is an effective method for studying protein interactions and localization. BiFC relies on ...
Authors:  Yu Shu Xiao, Frieder Schöck and Nicanor González-Morales, date: 11/20/2017, view: 7797, Q&A: 0
Sarcomeres, the smallest contractile unit of muscles, are arguably the most impressive actomyosin structure. Yet a complete understanding of sarcomere formation and maintenance is missing. The Drosophila indirect flight muscle (IFM) has ...
1 Protocol reviewed
Superresolution Microscopy of Drosophila Indirect Flight Muscle Sarcomeres
Authors:  Szilárd Szikora, Tibor Novák, Tamás Gajdos, Miklós Erdélyi and József Mihály, date: 06/20/2020, view: 2371, Q&A: 0
Sarcomeres are extremely highly ordered macromolecular assemblies where proper structural organization is an absolute prerequisite to the functionality of these contractile units. Despite the wealth of information collected, the exact spatial ...
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