Amey Redkar Department of Genetics, University of Cordoba
22 protocols

Renate Weizbauer Carnegie Institution for Science
42 protocols

Smita Nair Indiana University
15 protocols

Gongjun Shi
  • North Dakota State University
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
3 Protocols reviewed
Single-run HPLC Quantification of Plant Cell Wall Monosaccharides
The plant cell wall is a complex network of polysaccharides and proteins that provides strength and structural integrity to plant cells, as well as playing a vital role in growth, development, and defense response. Cell wall polysaccharides can be ...
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Visualization of Plant Cell Wall Epitopes Using Immunogold Labeling for Electron Microscopy
Author:  Mateusz Majda, date: 04/05/2019, view: 4218, Q&A: 0
Plant cell walls consist of different polysaccharides and structural proteins, which form a rigid layer located outside of the plasma membrane. The wall is also a very dynamic cell composite, which is characterized by complex polysaccharide ...
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