Feng Li Huazhong Agricultural University
16 protocols

Liang Liu Peking University
6 protocols

Pengpeng Li Boston Children’s Hospital
30 protocols

Sonali Chaturvedi
  • Post-Doc, Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology
Research focus
  • Microbiology



2 Protocols reviewed
Rice Ragged Stunt Virus Propagation and Infection on Rice Plants
Authors:  Chao Zhang, Chaonan Shi, Dong Chen and Jianguo Wu, date: 10/20/2018, view: 2888, Q&A: 0
Virus inoculation is a basic experimental procedure to evaluate the resistance of a rice variety or a transgenic material upon virus infection. We recently demonstrated that Rice Ragged Stunt Virus (RRSV), an oryzavirus that is ...
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Accurate, Streamlined Analysis of mRNA Translation by Sucrose Gradient Fractionation
Authors:  Soufiane Aboulhouda, Rachael Di Santo, Gabriel Therizols and David Weinberg, date: 10/05/2017, view: 7518, Q&A: 0
The efficiency with which proteins are produced from mRNA molecules can vary widely across transcripts, cell types, and cellular states. Methods that accurately assay the translational efficiency of mRNAs are critical to gaining a mechanistic ...
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