Erin Koffman College of Medicine, University of Toledo
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Jianyang Du
  • Biological Sciences, The University of Toledo, US
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • 3 Author merit


Ph.D in Physiology, Sun Yat-sen University, China, 2006

Current position

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Toledo, United States


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3 Protocols published
Combinations of Patch-Clamp and Confocal Calcium Imaging in Acutely Isolated Adult Mouse Amygdala Brain Slices
Authors:  Erin E. Koffman and Jianyang Du, date: 08/05/2018, view: 4852, Q&A: 0
Calcium imaging is a powerful technique in the study of neuronal physiology, as it avoids the enzyme treatment on neurons and is able to study the neuronal activities in vivo. Using calcium-imaging techniques, we are able to monitor the ...
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