Lei Qi Stanford Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H), Stanford University, USA, USA,
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Xiaowo Wang Tsinghua University
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Honglei Liu
  • Capital Medical University
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D, Tsinghua University, China, 2016

Current position

Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering, Capital Medical University, China


  1. Liu, H., Wei, Z., Dominguez, A., Li, Y., Wang, X. and Qi, L. S. (2015). CRISPR-ERA: a comprehensive design tool for CRISPR-mediated gene editing, repression and activation. Bioinformatics 31(22): 3676-3678.
  2. Liu, H., Li, Y. and Wang, X. (2014). OP-Synthetic: identification of optimal genetic manipulations for the overproduction of native and non-native metabolites. Quantitative Biology 2(3): 100-109.
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1 Protocol published
Using CRISPR-ERA Webserver for sgRNA Design
Authors:  Honglei Liu, Xiaowo Wang and Lei S. Qi, date: 09/05/2017, view: 8698, Q&A: 0
The CRISPR-Cas9 system is emerging as a powerful technology for gene editing (modifying the genome sequence) and gene regulation (without modifying the genome sequence). Designing sgRNAs for specific genes or regions of interest is indispensable to ...
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