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Sophie Tronnet
  • The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)
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PhD, University of Paul Sabatier, France, 2017

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Postdoc, MIMS, Umea University , Sweden


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Quantification of Colibactin-associated Genotoxicity in HeLa Cells by In Cell Western (ICW) Using γ-H2AX as a Marker
Authors:  Sophie Tronnet and Eric Oswald, date: 03/20/2018, view: 992, Q&A: 0
The genotoxin colibactin is produced by several species of Enterobacteriaceae. This genotoxin induces DNA damage, cell cycle arrest, senescence and death in eukaryotic cells (Nougayrède et al., 2006; Taieb et al., 2016). ...