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Pooja Saxena
  • Research scientist, Medicago R&D Inc.
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • Virology, Plant Expression, Vaccines


PhD, John Innes Centre

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6 Protocols reviewed
Analysis of Early Phase HIV-1 Replication and Integration Events by Using Real-time PCR
Authors:  Graf Laura, Steven P. Moran, Sally Ro, Carlos M.C. de Noronha and Binshan Shi, date: 02/20/2019, view: 691, Q&A: 0
Upon entry into a host cell, the HIV-1 virus undergoes a series of critical early replication events including reverse transcription, nuclear import, and integration of its cDNA into the host genome. Molecular assays used to detect and analyze ...
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In vitro Chaperone Activity Assay Using α-Amylase as Target Protein
Authors:  Jeeshma Nambidi Parambath, Gayathri Valsala, Karthik Menon and Shiburaj Sugathan, date: 06/20/2018, view: 2216, Q&A: 0
Small heat shock proteins (sHSP) are stress proteins which are ubiquitously found in almost all living organisms. They function as molecular chaperones, which assist in protein folding during translation and in the prevention of irreversible protein ...
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