Stefan Bauer Energy Biosciences Institute, University of California, USA
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Ana Ibáñez Energy Biosciences Institute, University of California, USA
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Nadav Sorek Energy Biosciences Institute, University of California, USA
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Trevor Yeats Energy Biosciences Institute, University of California, USA
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Arsalan Daudi University of California
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Jason Neidleman Gladstone Institutes and University of California, San Francisco
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Jyotiska Chaudhuri Baxter Healthcare Corporation
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Marta Bjornson Cyril Zipfel Laboratory University of Zurich (UZH, Switzerland)
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Tamara Vellosillo
  • Post-Doc, Carnegie Institution for Science
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 2 Author merit


Ph.D. in Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 2010

Lab information

José Dinneny Lab

2 Protocols published
Rapid Determination of Cellulose, Neutral Sugars, and Uronic Acids from Plant Cell Walls by One-step Two-step Hydrolysis and HPAEC-PAD
Authors:  Trevor Yeats, Tamara Vellosillo, Nadav Sorek, Ana B. Ibáñez and Stefan Bauer, date: 10/20/2016, view: 13741, Q&A: 1
The plant cell wall is primarily composed of the polysaccharides cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin. The structural and compositional complexity of these components are important for determining cell wall function during plant growth. Moreover, ...
Analysis of in vivo Cellulose Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis Cells by Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy
Authors:  Tamara Vellosillo, Trevor Yeats and Nadav Sorek, date: 10/05/2015, view: 7383, Q&A: 0
Cellulose is a main component of plant cell walls. Tools to analyze cellulose mainly rely on analytical chemistry, which yields information about cellulose amounts and structure, but cannot be applied to intact tissues. Moreover, these methods ...
3 Protocols reviewed
Investigating the Shape of the Shoot Apical Meristem in Bamboo Using a Superellipse Equation
Authors:  Qiang Wei and Peijian Shi, date: 12/05/2017, view: 4329, Q&A: 0
The shoot apical meristem is the origin of bamboo wood. Its structure and morphology are important for maintaining the normal development of bamboo wood. However, the traditional method to describe the morphology of the shoot apical meristem in ...
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Gliding Assay to Analyze Microtubule-based Motor Protein Dynamics
Authors:  Albert Shim, Gin Tezuka, Luke Kupcha and Li Tao, date: 04/05/2017, view: 11175, Q&A: 0
The purpose of this protocol is to provide an updated method of performing microtubule gliding assays and visualizing it using fluorescence microscopy.
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