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Zhen Shi
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Targeted Nucleotide Substitution in Mammalian Cell by Target-AID
Authors:  Takayuki Arazoe, Keiji Nishida and Akihiko Kondo, date: 06/05/2017, view: 2282, Q&A: 0
Programmable RNA-guided nucleases based on CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats)-Cas (CRISPR-associated protein) systems have been applied to various type of cells as powerful genome editing tools. By using ...
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Reprogram Murine Epiblast Stem Cells by Epigenetic Inhibitors
Authors:  Hui Zhang and Yali Dou, date: 03/05/2017, view: 1659, Q&A: 0
Pluripotent stem cells in the naïve state are highly useful in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. A robust reprogramming of the primed murine Epiblast Stem Cells (EpiSCs) to naïve pluripotency is feasible via chemical-only approach. This ...
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