Achille Broggi Boston Children’s Hospital
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Fanglian He University of Pennsylvania
205 protocols

Gal Haimovich Weizmann Institute of Science
26 protocols

HongLok Lung University of Hong Kong
56 protocols

Marco Di Gioia
  • Post-Doc, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Research focus
  • Immunology



10 Protocols reviewed
Quantitative Analysis of Exosome Secretion Rates of Single Cells
Authors:  Yu-Jui Chiu, Wei Cai, Tiffany Lee, Julia Kraimer and Yu-Hwa Lo, date: 02/20/2017, view: 2903, Q&A: 0
To study the inhomogeneity within a cell population including exosomes properties such as exosome secretion rate of cells and surface markers carried by exosomes, we need to quantify and characterize those exosomes secreted by each individual cell. ...
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DNA Damage Induction by Laser Microirradiation
Authors:  Marianna Tampere and Oliver Mortusewicz, date: 12/05/2016, view: 4112, Q&A: 1
Genome instability can lead to cell death, senescence and cancerous transformation. Specific repair pathways have evolved to prevent accumulation of DNA lesions. Studying these highly dynamic and specific repair pathways requires precise spatial and ...
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