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Chong He
  • Post-Doc, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
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  • Microbiology


PhD, Peking University, 2012

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Brian Kennedy Lab

7 Protocols reviewed
Purification of Flagellin from Acidovorax avenae and Analysis of Plant Immune Responses Induced by the Purified Flagellin
Authors:  Hiroyuki Hirai, Takehito Furukawa, Yuya Katsuragi and Fang-Sik Che, date: 08/20/2016, view: 4137, Q&A: 0
Plants sense potential pathogens by recognizing conserved pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) that cause PAMP-triggered immunity (PTI) including the generation of reactive oxygen species, callose deposition, and expression of several ...
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Design and Functional Analysis of Fluorescent Nitrate and Peptide Transporter Activity Sensors in Yeast Cultures
Authors:  Cheng-Hsun Ho and Wolf B. Frommer, date: 02/05/2016, view: 5122, Q&A: 0
This protocol describes the methods used to engineer and deploy genetically encoded fluorescence activity reporters for nitrate and peptide transporter activity in yeast cells. Fusion of the dual-affinity nitrate transceptor CHL1/AtNRT1.1/AtNPF6.3 ...
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