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A Simple and Robust Protocol for in vitro Differentiation of Mouse Non-pathogenic T Helper 17 Cells from CD4+ T Cells
Authors:  Siwen Kang, Ruohan Wu and Ruoning Wang, date: 05/20/2021, view: 587, Q&A: 0

Functional and mechanistic studies of CD4+ T cell lineages rely on robust methods of in vitro T cell polarization. Here, we report an optimized protocol for in vitro differentiation of a mouse non-pathogenic T helper 17 (TH17) cell lineage. Most of

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In vitro assessment of ivermectin resistance and gene expression profiles of P-glycoprotein genes from Haemonchus contortus (L3)
The aim of the present protocol is to improve the methodology to identify resistance to ivermectin (IVM), one of the main anthelmintic drugs against parasitic nematodes of ruminants, using the blood-feeding nematode Haemonchus contortus as ...
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