Clarissa Henry School of Biology and Ecology, University of Maine, USA
2 protocols
Alberto Rissone National Institutes of Health
2 protocols

David Cisneros Umeå University
32 protocols

Gal Haimovich Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
95 protocols

Xi Feng University of California, San Francisco
35 protocols

Michelle F. Goody
  • Post-Doc, University of Maine
Research focus
  • Developmental biology
  • Zebrafish skeletal muscle development and disease
  • 2 Author merit


PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Maine

Lab information

Clarissa Henry lab


Sullivan C, Jurcyzszak D, Goody MF, Gabor KA, Longfellow JR, Millard PJ, et al. (2017) Using Zebrafish Models of Human Influenza A Virus Infections to Screen Antiviral Drugs and Characterize Host Immune Cell Responses. J. Vis. Exp. (119), e55235, doi:10.3791/55235.

Goody MF, Carter EV, Kilroy EA, Maves L, Henry CA. (2016) “Muscling” throughout life: integrating studies of muscle development, homeostasis, and disease in zebrafish. Current Topics in Developmental Biology. doi:10.1016/ bs.ctdb.2016.11.002.

Jenkins MH, Alrowaished SS, Goody MF, Crawford BD, Henry CA. (2016) Laminin and matrix metalloproteinase 11 regulate fibronectin levels in the zebrafish myotendinous junction. Skeletal Muscle 6:18, doi: 10.1186/ s13395-016-0089-3

Goody MF, Sher RB, Henry CA. (2015) Hanging on for the ride: Adhesion to the extracellular matrix mediates cellular responses in skeletal muscle morphogenesis and disease. Dev. Biol. doi:10.1016/j.ydbio.2015.01.002.

Peterman EM, Sullivan C, Goody MF, Rodriguez-Nunez I, Yoder JA, Kim CH. (2015) Neutralization of mitochondrial superoxide by superoxide dismutase 2 promotes bacterial clearance and regulates phagocyte numbers in zebrafish. Infection and Immunity 83:430-440, doi:10.1128/IAI.02245-14.

Gabor KA, Goody MF, Mowel WK, Breitbach ME, Gratacap RL, Witten PE, Kim CH. (2014) Influenza A Virus Infection in Zebrafish Recapitulates Mammalian Infection and Sensitivity to Anti-Influenza Drug Treatment. Disease Models and Mechanisms 7:1227-1237, doi:10.1242/dmm.014746.

Goody MF, Sullivan C, Kim CH. (2014) Studying the immune response to human viral infections using zebrafish. Dev Comp Immunol. 46(1): 84-95.

Goody MF, Peterman E, Sullivan C, Kim CH. (2013) Quantification of the Respiratory Burst Response as an Indicator of Innate Immune Health in Zebrafish. J Vis Exp. (79), e50667, doi:10.3791/50667.

Goody MF, Kelly MW, Reynolds CJ, Khalil A, Crawford BD, Henry CA (2012) NAD+ Biosynthesis Ameliorates a Zebrafish Model of Muscular Dystrophy. PLoS Biol. 10(10): e1001409.

Goody MF, Kelly MW, Lessard KN, Khalil A, Henry CA. (2010) Nrk2b mediated NAD+ Production Regulates Cell Adhesion and is Required for Muscle Morphogenesis in vivo. Dev Biol. 344: 809-826.

Goody MF, Henry CA. (2010) Dynamic Interactions between Cells and their Extracellular Matrix Mediate Embryonic Development. Mol Reprod Dev. 77: 475-488.

Snow CJ, Goody M, Kelly MW, Oster EC, Jones R, et al. (2008) Time-Lapse Analysis and Mathematical Characterization Elucidate Novel Mechanisms Underlying Muscle Morphogenesis. PLoS Genet 4(10): e1000219.
2 Protocols published
Motility Assay for Zebrafish Embryos
Authors:  Michelle F. Goody and Clarissa A. Henry, date: 06/05/2013, view: 9945, Q&A: 0
Analyzing the swimming ability of 2 days post fertilization zebrafish embryos can be a useful technique to study neuromuscular function. Here is a protocol for determining the time it takes for zebrafish embryos to swim a predetermined distance.
Phalloidin Staining and Immunohistochemistry of Zebrafish Embryos
Authors:  Michelle F. Goody and Clarissa A. Henry, date: 06/05/2013, view: 23046, Q&A: 2
Fluorescent conjugated Phalloidin is a stain that allows for visualization of F-actin. In immunohistochemistry, primary antibodies and fluorescent conjugated secondary antibodies can be used to visualize subcellular localization and relative amounts ...
5 Protocols reviewed
Quantification of Cutaneous Ionocytes in Small Aquatic Organisms
Authors:  Garfield T. Kwan, Shane H. Finnerty, Nicholas C. Wegner and Martin Tresguerres, date: 05/05/2019, view: 2483, Q&A: 0
Aquatic organisms have specialized cells called ionocytes that regulate the ionic composition, osmolarity, and acid/base status of internal fluids. In small aquatic organisms such as fishes in their early life stages, ionocytes are typically found ...
More >
Zebrafish Embryo Xenograft and Metastasis Assay
Authors:  Ilkka Paatero, Sanni Alve, Silvia Gramolelli, Johanna Ivaska and Päivi M. Ojala, date: 09/20/2018, view: 6541, Q&A: 1
Xenograft models, and in particular the mouse xenograft model, where human cancer cells are transplanted into immunocompromised mice, have been used extensively in cancer studies. Although these models have contributed enormously to our ...
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