Hua-Jie Liu College of Life Sciences, Hebei University, China
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Ai-Qin Liu Hebei Geological Laboratory, China
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Li Wei Hebei Geological Laboratory, China
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Xing Li Hebei Geological Laboratory, China
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Xiu-Ping Guo
  • Hebei Geological Laboratory, China
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 1 Author merit


Master in Wuhan University of Technology, 2005

Current position

Senior Engineer in Hebei Geological Laboratory, Baoding, Hebei, China

Publications (since 2013)

  1. Zhao, L. C., Jiang, Y. J., Guo, X. P., Li, X., Wang, Y. D., Guo, X. B., Lu, F. and Liu, H. J. (2016). Optimization of ICP-AES and ICP-MS techniques for the determination of major, minor and micro elements in lichens. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis 36(10): 3320-3325.
  2. Liu, H. J., Fang, S. B., Liu, S. W., Zhao, L. C., Guo, X. P., Jiang, Y. J., Hu, J. S., Liu, X. D., Xia, Y., Wang, Y. D. and Wu, Q. F. (2016). Lichen elemental composition distinguishes anthropogenic emissions from dust storm inputs and differs among species: Evidence from Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, China. Sci Rep 6: 34694.
  3. Tang, P. Y., Tian, J. T., Ge, M. and Guo, X. P. (2013). Preparing High Quality Molybdenum Concentrate from Molybdenum Lead Sulfide Ores. Mining and Metallurgical Engineering 33(1): 45-48.
  4. Zhao, L. C., Guo, X. P., Hu, Y. Q., Cheng, W. C., Wang, L. and Ma, H. C. (2015). Simultaneous Determination of Major Elements Si,Al,Ca,Mg,Fe,Ti,Mn and P in Graphite by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry with Sodium Carbonate Fusion. Rock and Mineral Analysis 34(3): 308-313.
  5. Zhang, N., Guo, X. P., Li, X., Shen, Y. M., Jiang, Y. J., An, C. X. and Xue, Z. K. (2014). Determination of Trace Amounts of Pb,Cd,Cu and Ag in High Salinity Water by ICP-AES with Sulfhydryl Cotton Separation and Preconcentration. Rock and Mineral Analysis 33(4):551-555.
  6. Guo, X. P., Pang, Y. R., Tian, J. T. and Pang, X. M. (2013). Experimental Study of the Beneficiation of Longyan Oolitic Hematite Ore. Metal Mine 43(03): 82-85.
1 Protocol published
Determination of Elemental Concentrations in Lichens Using ICP-AES/MS
Lichens are good biomonitors for air pollution because of their high enrichment capability of atmospheric chemical elements. To monitor atmospheric element deposition using lichens, it is important to obtain information on the multi-element ...
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