Eric Geertsma Institute of Biochemistry, Biocenter, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
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Yvonne Neldner Department of Biochemistry, University of Zurich, Switzerland
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Farooque Shaik Laboratory of Biomolecular Research, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
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Yung-Ning Chang
  • Institute of Biochemistry, Biocenter, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
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M.S., Institute of Microbiology and Biochemistry, Microbiology Division, National Taiwan University, 2010

Current position

Ph.D student in Institute of Biochemistry, Goethe-University Frankfurt

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Chang, Y. N. and Geertsma, E. R. (2017). The novel class of seven transmembrane segment inverted repeat carriers. Biol Chem 398(2): 165-174.
  2. Geertsma, E. R., Chang, Y. N., Shaik, F. R., Neldner, Y., Pardon, E., Steyaert, J. and Dutzler, R. (2015). Structure of a prokaryotic fumarate transporter reveals the architecture of the SLC26 family. Nat Struct Mol Biol 22(10): 803-808.
  3. Fu, H. Y., Chang, Y. N., Jheng, M. J. and Yang, C. S. (2012). Ser(262) determines the chloride-dependent colour tuning of a new halorhodopsin from Haloquadratum walsbyi. Biosci Rep 32(5): 501-509.
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Production, Purification and Crystallization of a Prokaryotic SLC26 Homolog for Structural Studies
Authors:  Yung-Ning Chang, Farooque R. Shaik, Yvonne Neldner and Eric R. Geertsma, date: 02/05/2017, view: 3071, Q&A: 0
The SLC26 or SulP proteins constitute a large family of anion transporters that are ubiquitously expressed in pro- and eukaryotes. In human, SLC26 proteins perform important roles in ion homeostasis and malfunctioning of selected members is ...