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Curt J Essenburg
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B.S. in Biology, Grand Valley State University, 2005

Current Position

Research Technician, Van Andel Research Institute, Michigan, USA


  1. Linklater, E. S., Tovar, E. A., Essenburg, C. J., Turner, L., Madaj, Z., Winn, M. E., Melnik, M. K., Korkaya, H., Maroun, C. R., Christensen, J. G., Steensma, M. R., Boerner, J. L. and Graveel, C. R. (2016). Targeting MET and EGFR crosstalk signaling in triple-negative breast cancers. Oncotarget. [Epub ahead of print]
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  4. Zhang, Y. W., Staal, B., Essenburg, C., Lewis, S., Kaufman, D. and Vande Woude, G. F. (2013). Strengthening context-dependent anticancer effects on non-small cell lung carcinoma by inhibition of both MET and EGFR. Mol Cancer Ther 12(8): 1429-1441.
  5. Xie, Q., Bradley, R., Kang, L., Koeman, J., Ascierto, M. L., Worschech, A., De Giorgi, V., Wang, E., Kefene, L., Su, Y., Essenburg, C., Kaufman, D. W., DeKoning, T., Enter, M. A., O'Rourke, T. J., Marincola, F. M. and Vande Woude, G. F. (2012). Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) autocrine activation predicts sensitivity to MET inhibition in glioblastoma. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109(2): 570-575.
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2 Protocols published
Dissecting the Rat Mammary Gland: Isolation, Characterization, and Culture of Purified Mammary Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts

With the advent of CRISPR-Cas and the ability to easily modify the genome of diverse organisms, rat models are being increasingly developed to interrogate the genetic events underlying mammary development and tumorigenesis. Protocols for the

In vivo Efficacy Studies in Cell Line and Patient-derived Xenograft Mouse Models
Authors:  Elizabeth A. Tovar, Curt J. Essenburg and Carrie Graveel, date: 01/05/2017, view: 11854, Q&A: 0
In vivo xenograft models derived from human cancer cells have been a gold standard for evaluating the genetic drivers of cancer and are valuable preclinical models for evaluating the efficacy of cancer therapeutics. Recently, ...
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