Aryaman Shalizi
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Ph.D. in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, 2005

Current position

Research Scientist, Department of Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, USA (2006-present)

Publications (selected)

  1. Wong, S. C., Sasportas, L. S., Richardson, K., Gordon, B. R., Jayatunga, M. K., Shalizi, A., Pfister, S. X., Stanzl, E. G., Chui, C., Mathur, M., Thomsen, S. K., Shetty, C., Pliuskys, L., Mehra, A., Bahar, H., Godec, J., Jong, S. and Perez, D. A. (2015). Keys to the kingdom. Nat Biotechnol 33(3): 232-236.
  2. Shalizi, A., Bilimoria, P. M., Stegmuller, J., Gaudilliere, B., Yang, Y., Shuai, K. and Bonni, A. (2007). PIASx is a MEF2 SUMO E3 ligase that promotes postsynaptic dendritic morphogenesis. J Neurosci 27(37): 10037-10046.
  3. Shalizi, A., Gaudilliere, B., Yuan, Z., Stegmuller, J., Shirogane, T., Ge, Q., Tan, Y., Schulman, B., Harper, J. W. and Bonni, A. (2006). A calcium-regulated MEF2 sumoylation switch controls postsynaptic differentiation. Science 311(5763): 1012-1017.
  4. Shalizi, A., Lehtinen, M., Gaudilliere, B., Donovan, N., Han, J., Konishi, Y. and Bonni, A. (2003). Characterization of a neurotrophin signaling mechanism that mediates neuron survival in a temporally specific pattern. J Neurosci 23(19): 7326-7336.
  5. Weinberg, W. C., Fernandez-Salas, E., Morgan, D. L., Shalizi, A., Mirosh, E., Stanulis, E., Deng, C., Hennings, H. and Yuspa, S. H. (1999). Genetic deletion of p21WAF1 enhances papilloma formation but not malignant conversion in experimental mouse skin carcinogenesis. Cancer Res 59(9): 2050-2054.
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