Olga Baron Sophia Agrobiotech Institute
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David Pauron
  • Sophia Agrobiotech Institute, INRA-CNRS-UNS, France
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Life Sciences, University of Nice, France, 1986

Current position

Directeur de Recherches, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique, Sophia Antipolis, France

Publications (since 2005)

  1. Opota, O., Gauthier, N. C., Doye, A., Berry, C., Gounon, P., Lemichez, E. and Pauron, D. (2011). Bacillus sphaericus binary toxin elicits host cell autophagy as a response to intoxication. PLoS One 6(2): e14682.
  2. van Munster, M., le Gleuher, M., Pauchet, Y., Augustin, S., Courtin, C., Amichot, M., Ffrench-Constant, R. H. and Pauron, D. (2011). Molecular characterization of three genes encoding aminopeptidases N in the poplar leaf beetle Chrysomela tremulae. Insect Mol Biol 20(2): 267-278.
  3. Pauchet, Y., Wilkinson, P., van Munster, M., Augustin, S., Pauron, D. and ffrench-Constant, R. H. (2009). Pyrosequencing of the midgut transcriptome of the poplar leaf beetle Chrysomela tremulae reveals new gene families in Coleoptera. Insect Biochem Mol Biol 39(5-6): 403-413.
  4. Opota, O., Charles, J. F., Warot, S., Pauron, D. and Darboux, I. (2008). Identification and characterization of the receptor for the Bacillus sphaericus binary toxin in the malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles gambiae. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol 149(3): 419-427
  5. Darboux, I., Charles, J. F., Pauchet, Y., Warot, S. and Pauron, D. (2007). Transposon-mediated resistance to Bacillus sphaericus in a field-evolved population of Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae). Cell Microbiol 9(8): 2022-2029.
  6. Pauchet, Y., Luton, F., Castella, C., Charles, J. F., Romey, G. and Pauron, D. (2005). Effects of a mosquitocidal toxin on a mammalian epithelial cell line expressing its target receptor. Cell Microbiol 7(9): 1335-1344.
  7. Brun-Barale, A., Bouvier, J. C., Pauron, D., Berge, J. B. and Sauphanor, B. (2005). Involvement of a sodium channel mutation in pyrethroid resistance in Cydia pomonella L, and development of a diagnostic test. Pest Manag Sci 61(6): 549-554.
1 Protocol published
Protein-lipid Interaction Analysis by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
Authors:  Olga Lucia Baron and David Pauron, date: 09/20/2014, view: 11401, Q&A: 0
Interactions of lipids with proteins are essential events in the framework of biological membranes. Assessment of the affinity and specificity of protein-lipid binding can give useful information to elucidate cell membrane functions. Surface Plasmon ...
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