HongLok Lung University of Hong Kong
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Renate Weizbauer Carnegie Institution for Science
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Weiyan Jia University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Jingyu Amy Peng
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • 0 Author merit


Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Peking University, 2015

Current position

Postdoc research fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School


  1. Zhu, S., Li, W., Liu, J., Chen, C. H., Liao, Q., Xu, P., Xu, H., Xiao, T., Cao, Z., Peng, J., Yuan, P., Brown, M., Liu, X. S. and Wei, W. (2016). Genome-scale deletion screening of human long non-coding RNAs using a paired-guide RNA CRISPR-Cas9 library. Nat Biotechnol 34(12): 1279-1286.
  2. He, R., Peng, J., Yuan, P., Xu, F. and Wei, W. (2015). Divergent roles of BECN1 in LC3 lipidation and autophagosomal function. Autophagy 11(5): 740-747.
  3. Peng, J., Zhou, Y., Zhu, S. and Wei, W. (2015). High-throughput screens in mammalian cells using the CRISPR-Cas9 system. FEBS J 282(11): 2089-2096.
2 Protocols reviewed
Endogenous C-terminal Tagging by CRISPR/Cas9 in Trypanosoma cruzi
Authors:  Noelia Lander, Miguel A. Chiurillo, Aníbal E. Vercesi and Roberto Docampo, date: 05/20/2017, view: 11460, Q&A: 0
To achieve the C-terminal tagging of endogenous proteins in T. cruzi we use the Cas9/pTREX-n vector (Lander et al., 2015) to insert a specific tag sequence (3xHA or 3xc-Myc) at the 3’ end of a specific gene of interest (GOI). ...
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Analysis of in vivo Interaction between RNA Binding Proteins and Their RNA Targets by UV Cross-linking and Immunoprecipitation (CLIP) Method
Authors:  Pamela Bielli and Claudio Sette, date: 05/20/2017, view: 7984, Q&A: 0
RNA metabolism is tightly controlled across different tissues and developmental stages, and its dysregulation is one of the molecular hallmarks of cancer. Through direct binding to specific sequence element(s), RNA binding proteins (RBPs) play a ...
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