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Chia-Yang Liu
  • School of Optometry, Indiana University, USA
Research focus
  • Cell biology
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Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program/Molecular Ophthalmology), 1993

Current position

Associate Professor, School of Optometry, Indiana University at Bloomington

Publications (since 2010)

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1 Protocol published
Mouse Corneal Stroma Fibroblast Primary Cell Culture
Authors:  Yujin Zhang, Yen-Chiao Wang, Okada Yuka, Lingling Zhang and Chia-Yang Liu, date: 10/05/2016, view: 5705, Q&A: 0
This protocol is developed for primary cell culture of cornea stromal keratocytes isolated from neonatal mouse eyeballs. It provides an optimal condition to isolate stromal keratocytes which maintain high viability for cell culture.
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