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Sajedah Hindi Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, USA
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Aman Mann duPont Manual High Schoo, USA
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Yann Simon Gallot
  • University of Louisville School of Medicine
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  • Molecular biology
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1 Protocol published
Isolation, Culture, and Staining of Single Myofibers
Authors:  Yann Simon Gallot, Sajedah M. Hindi, Aman K. Mann and Ashok Kumar, date: 10/05/2016, view: 3197, Q&A: 0
Adult skeletal muscle regeneration is orchestrated by a specialized population of adult stem cells called satellite cells, which are localized between the basal lamina and the plasma membrane of myofibers. The process of satellite cell-activation, ...
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Biochemical Isolation of Myonuclei from Mouse Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Authors:  Alicia A Cutler, Anita H Corbett and Grace K Pavlath, date: 12/20/2017, view: 432, Q&A: 0
Skeletal muscle provides the contractile force necessary for movement, swallowing, and breathing and, consequently, is necessary for survival. Skeletal muscle cells are unique in that they are extremely large cells containing thousands of nuclei. ...
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Isolation of Primary Human Skeletal Muscle Cells
Authors:  Janelle M. Spinazzola and Emanuela Gussoni, date: 11/05/2017, view: 608, Q&A: 0
Primary myoblast culture is a valuable tool in research of muscle disease, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. This protocol describes techniques for dissociation of cells from human skeletal muscle biopsies and enrichment for a highly myogenic ...
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