Takuji Iwasato Division of Neurogenetics, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
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Ryohei Iwata
  • National Institute of Genetics
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  • Neuroscience
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Ph.D. The Graduate University for Advanced Studies

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Postdoc, Université Libre de Bruxelles


  1. Iwata, R., Matsukawa, H., Yasuda, K., Mizuno, H., Itohara, S. and Iwasato, T. (2015). Developmental RacGAP alpha2-Chimaerin Signaling Is a Determinant of the Morphological Features of Dendritic Spines in Adulthood. J Neurosci 35(40): 13728-13744.

  2. Ogiwara, I., Iwasato, T., Miyamoto, H., Iwata, R., Yamagata, T., Mazaki, E., Yanagawa, Y., Tamamaki, N., Hensch, T. K., Itohara, S. and Yamakawa, K. (2013). Nav1.1 haploinsufficiency in excitatory neurons ameliorates seizure-associated sudden death in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome. Hum Mol Genet 22(23): 4784-4804.

  3. Iwata, R., Ohi, K., Kobayashi, Y., Masuda, A., Iwama, M., Yasuda, Y., Yamamori, H., Tanaka, M., Hashimoto, R., Itohara, S. and Iwasato, T. (2014). RacGAP alpha2-chimaerin function in development adjusts cognitive ability in adulthood. Cell Rep 8(5): 1257-1264.

1 Protocol published
In vitro Assay for Dendritic Spine Retraction of Hippocampal Neurons with Sparse Labeling
Authors:  Ryohei Iwata and Takuji Iwasato, date: 09/20/2016, view: 2559, Q&A: 0
Dendritic spines are the post-synaptic structures that play a central role in excitatory synaptic transmission. Developmental spinogenesis relies on a variety of stimuli such as those derived from cell-cell communication and their downstream ...