Sébastien Gillotin MSD, Discovery Research MRL
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François Guillemot
  • The Francis Crick Institute, Mill Hill Laboratory, UK
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Developmental Biology, Institut d'Embryologie du CNRS, Paris, France. 1989

Current position

Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute, Mill Hill Laboratory, London, UK

Publications (since 2011)

  1. Masserdotti, G., Gillotin, S., Sutor, B., Drechsel, D., Irmler, M., Jorgensen, H. F., Sass, S., Theis, F. J., Beckers, J., Berninger, B., Guillemot, F. and Gotz, M. (2015). Transcriptional Mechanisms of Proneural Factors and REST in Regulating Neuronal Reprogramming of Astrocytes. Cell Stem Cell 17(1): 74-88.
  2. Garcez, P. P., Diaz-Alonso, J., Crespo-Enriquez, I., Castro, D., Bell, D. and Guillemot, F. (2015). Cenpj/CPAP regulates progenitor divisions and neuronal migration in the cerebral cortex downstream of Ascl1. Nat Commun 6: 6474.
  3. Mateo, J. L., van den Berg, D. L., Haeussler, M., Drechsel, D., Gaber, Z. B., Castro, D. S., Robson, P., Crawford, G. E., Flicek, P., Ettwiller, L., Wittbrodt, J., Guillemot, F. and Martynoga, B. (2015). Characterization of the neural stem cell gene regulatory network identifies OLIG2 as a multifunctional regulator of self-renewal. Genome Res 25(1): 41-56.
  4. Heng, J. I., Qu, Z., Ohtaka-Maruyama, C., Okado, H., Kasai, M., Castro, D., Guillemot, F. and Tan, S. S. (2015). The zinc finger transcription factor RP58 negatively regulates Rnd2 for the control of neuronal migration during cerebral cortical development. Cereb Cortex 25(3): 806-816.
  5. Andersen, J., Urban, N., Achimastou, A., Ito, A., Simic, M., Ullom, K., Martynoga, B., Lebel, M., Goritz, C., Frisen, J., Nakafuku, M. and Guillemot, F. (2014). A transcriptional mechanism integrating inputs from extracellular signals to activate hippocampal stem cells. Neuron 83(5): 1085-1097.
  6. Azzarelli, R., Pacary, E., Garg, R., Garcez, P., van den Berg, D., Riou, P., Ridley, A. J., Friedel, R. H., Parsons, M. and Guillemot, F. (2014). An antagonistic interaction between PlexinB2 and Rnd3 controls RhoA activity and cortical neuron migration. Nat Commun 5: 3405.
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  9. Pacary, E., Azzarelli, R. and Guillemot, F. (2013). Rnd3 coordinates early steps of cortical neurogenesis through actin-dependent and -independent mechanisms. Nat Commun 4: 1635.
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  11. Pelling, M., Anthwal, N., McNay, D., Gradwohl, G., Leiter, A. B., Guillemot, F. and Ang, S. L. (2011). Differential requirements for neurogenin 3 in the development of POMC and NPY neurons in the hypothalamus. Dev Biol 349(2): 406-416.
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  13. Pacary, E., Heng, J., Azzarelli, R., Riou, P., Castro, D., Lebel-Potter, M., Parras, C., Bell, D. M., Ridley, A. J., Parsons, M. and Guillemot, F. (2011). Proneural transcription factors regulate different steps of cortical neuron migration through Rnd-mediated inhibition of RhoA signaling. Neuron 69(6): 1069-1084.
2 Protocols published
Micro-chromatin Immunoprecipitation (μChIP) Protocol for Real-time PCR Analysis of a Limited Amount of Cells
Authors:  Sébastien Gillotin and François Guillemot, date: 06/20/2016, view: 7579, Q&A: 0
Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by deep sequencing (ChIP-Seq) is an important strategy to study gene regulation. When availability of cells is limited, however, it can be useful to focus on specific genes to investigate in depth the role of ...
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