Marc A. Schneider
  • Translational Research Unit, Thoraxklinik at University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Biology, Department of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, University of Mainz, Germany, 2012

Current position

Post-doctoral research fellow, Translational Research Unit, Thoraxklinik at Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany

Publications (since 2012)

  1. Schneider, M. A., Granzow, M., Warth, A., Schnabel, P. A., Thomas, M., Herth, F. J., Dienemann, H., Muley, T. and Meister, M. (2015). Glycodelin: A New Biomarker with Immunomodulatory Functions in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Clin Cancer Res 21(15): 3529-3540.
  2. Schneider, M. A., Kahn, N. C., Thomas, M., Herth, F. J. F., Muley, T., Heussel, C. P., et al. (2015). The Pregnancy Associated Protein Glycodelin as a follow-up Biomarker in a Male Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient. Cancer Treatment Communications.
  3. Muley, T. R., Sianidou, M., Thomas, M., Bischoff, H., Dienemann, H., Meister, M., Schneider, M. A., Schnabel, P. A. and Warth, A. (2014). Comparison of two ERCC1 antibodies as prognostic and predictive biomarkers for early non-small cell lung cancer. Anticancer Res 34(7): 3707-3713.
  4. Ruppert, C., Kuhn, S., Bernemann, I., Klopp, N., Gaede, K., Koch, I., Lindner, M., Anton, G., Schnabel, P. A., Schneider, M., Illig, T., Muley,T. and Günther, A. (2014). DZL-Platform Biobanking. Pneumologie 68(06).
  5. Schneider, M. A., Scheffer, K. D., Bund, T., Boukhallouk, F., Lambert, C., Cotarelo, C., Pflugfelder, G. O., Florin, L. and Spoden, G. A. (2013). The transcription factors TBX2 and TBX3 interact with human papillomavirus 16 (HPV16) L2 and repress the long control region of HPVs. J Virol 87(8): 4461-4474.
  6. Schneider, M. A., Spoden, G. A., Florin, L. and Lambert, C. (2011). Identification of the dynein light chains required for human papillomavirus infection. Cell Microbiol 13(1): 32-46.
1 Protocol published
In vitro Tumor Cell Migration Assay Using ThinCertsTM (Transwells)
Author:  Marc A. Schneider, date: 06/05/2016, view: 13421, Q&A: 0
The high migration rate of tumor cells often results in poor prognosis for the survival of the patients. Here, we describe a protocol to measure the migration of cells using a quantitative assay. The relative tumor cell migration was measured using ...
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