Shih-Shun Lin Institute of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
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Ya-Chun Chang Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
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Pin-Chun Lin
  • Institute of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Research focus
  • Molecular biology
  • 1 Author merit


M.S. in Department of plant pathology and microbiology, National Taiwan University, 2011

Current position

Ph.D. student in Institute of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University (2011-now)


  1. Lin, P. C.*, Lu, C. W.*, Shen, B. N., Lee, G. Z., Bowman, J. L., Arteaga-Vazquez, M. A., Liu, L. Y., Hong, S. F., Lo, C. F., Su, G. M., Kohchi, T., Ishizaki, K., Zachgo, S., Althoff, F., Takenaka, M., Yamato, K. T. and Lin, S. S. (2016). Identification of miRNAs and Their Targets in the Liverwort Marchantia polymorpha by Integrating RNA-Seq and Degradome Analyses. Plant Cell Physiol 57(2): 339-358. (*Co-first author)
  2. Lin, P. C., Hu, W. C., Lee, S. C., Chen, Y. L., Lee, C. Y., Chen, Y. R., Liu, L. Y., Chen, P. Y., Lin, S. S.* and Chang, Y. C. (2015). Application of an Integrated Omics Approach for Identifying Host Proteins That Interact With Odontoglossum ringspot virus Capsid Protein. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 28(6): 711-726.
  3. Kung, Y. J.*, Lin, P. C.*, Yeh, S. D.*, Hong, S. F., Chua, N. H., Liu, L. Y., Lin, C. P., Huang, Y. H., Wu, H. W., Chen, C. C. and Lin, S. S.* (2014). Genetic analyses of the FRNK motif function of Turnip mosaic virus uncover multiple and potentially interactive pathways of cross-protection. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 27(9): 944-955. (*Co-first author)
  4. Youngson, N. A., Lin, P. C. and Lin, S. S. (2014). The convergence of autophagy, small RNA and the stress response - implications for transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in plants. Biomol Concepts 5(1): 1-8.
  5. Chiu, M. T., Lin, C. P., Lin, P. and Lin, S. S. (2013). Enhancement of IgG purification by FPLC for a serological study on the Turnip mosaic virus P1 protein. Plant Path. Bull. 22:21-30
  6. Lin, Y. Y., Fang, M. M., Lin, P. C., Chiu, M. T., Liu, L. Y., Lin, C. P. and Lin, S. S. (2013). Improving initial infectivity of the Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) infectious clone by an mini binary vector via agro-infiltration. Botanical Studies 54:22

1 Protocol published
An in vitro Transcription/translation System for Detection of Protein Interaction
Authors:  Pin-Chun Lin, Ya-Chun Chang and Shih-Shun Lin, date: 05/05/2016, view: 10904, Q&A: 0
Studying protein-protein interaction is crucial to understand the fundamental processes of molecular biology. High-throughput screening, such as immunoprecipitation followed by proteomic analysis, allows for the identification of numerous candidate ...
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