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Kristopher D. Marjon
  • Senior Scientist, Stanford Univeristy
Research focus
  • Stem cell
  • Graduate work studying the innate immune system specifically FcgRs and Pentraxins at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Terry Du Clos. Postdoctoral work in cancer biology and hematopoietic stem cells at University of New Mexico from 2012-2015 under the mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Gillette. Furthered hematopoietic stem cell and cancer research work at Stanford Unviersity under the mentorship of Dr. Irving Weissman from 2015-2018.
  • 0 Author merit


PhD Immunology, University of New Mexico, 2012


1 Protocol reviewed
Generation of Mouse Thyroid Calcitonin-producing Cell Tumors from Primary Mouse Tumors
Authors:  Shunsuke Kitajima, Fengkai Li and Chiaki Takahashi, date: 12/20/2015, view: 6630, Q&A: 0
Medullary thyroid cancers (MTCs) are derived from calcitonin-producing cells (C cells) of neuroendocrine origin. Rb heterozygous mice develop low-grade C cell adenocarcinoma following biallelic inactivation of the Rb tumor ...
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4 Protocols edited
Isolation of Latex Bead Phagosomes from Dictyostelium for in vitro Functional Assays
Authors:  Ashwin D’Souza, Paulomi Sanghavi, Ashim Rai, Divya Pathak and Roop Mallik, date: 12/05/2016, view: 7592, Q&A: 0
We describe a protocol to purify latex bead phagosomes (LBPs) from Dictyostelium cells. These can be later used for various in vitro functional assays. For instance, we use these LBPs to understand the microtubule motor-driven ...
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Quantitative Measurements of HIV-1 and Dextran Capture by Human Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells (MDDCs)
Authors:  Mickaël M. Ménager and Dan R. Littman, date: 11/20/2016, view: 7826, Q&A: 0
The aim of this protocol is to describe how to measure and quantify the amount of HIV-1 particles and dextran molecules internalized in human monocyte derived dendritic cells (MDDCs), using three different techniques: flow cytometry, quantitative ...
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