David Baulcombe Plant Sciences Department, Cambridge University, UK
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C. Jake Harris
  • Plant Sciences Department, Cambridge University, UK
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D., Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge University, 2014

Current position

Postdoctoral position, MCDB Department, University of California Los Angeles (2014 - present)


  1. Harris, C. J., Molnar, A., Muller, S. Y. and Baulcombe, D. C. (2015). FDF-PAGE: a powerful technique revealing previously undetected small RNAs sequestered by complementary transcripts. Nucleic Acids Res 43(15): 7590-7599.
  2. Harris, C. J., Slootweg, E. J., Goverse, A. and Baulcombe, D. C. (2013). Stepwise artificial evolution of a plant disease resistance gene. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(52): 21189-21194.
1 Protocol published
Chlorophyll Content Assay to Quantify the Level of Necrosis Induced by Different R Gene/Elicitor Combinations after Transient Expression
Authors:  C. Jake Harris and David C. Baulcombe, date: 12/05/2015, view: 8218, Q&A: 0
This assay can be used to rapidly and accurately quantify levels of leaf necrosis induced after transient expression of R genes and elicitor combinations (Harris et al., 2013). It is based on the inverse correlation between level of ...
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