Dušan Veličković Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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Hélène Rogniaux
  • INRA, Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies, France
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France, 2000

Current position

Team leader at the National Institute for Agronomic Research, Nantes, France; Head of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, devoted to the structural analysis of plant proteins and polysaccharides (2002-present)

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Ropartz, D., Lemoine, J., Giuliani, A., Bittebiere, Y., Enjalbert, Q., Antoine, R., Dugourd, P., Ralet, M. C. and Rogniaux, H. (2014). Deciphering the structure of isomeric oligosaccharides in a complex mixture by tandem mass spectrometry: photon activation with vacuum ultra-violet brings unique information and enables definitive structure assignment. Anal Chim Acta 807: 84-95.
  2. Velickovic, D., Herdier, H., Philippe, G., Marion, D., Rogniaux, H. and Bakan, B. (2014). Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging: a powerful tool for probing the molecular topology of plant cutin polymer. Plant J 80(5): 926-935.
  3. Velickovic, D., Ropartz, D., Guillon, F., Saulnier, L. and Rogniaux, H. (2014). New insights into the structural and spatial variability of cell-wall polysaccharides during wheat grain development, as revealed through MALDI mass spectrometry imaging. J Exp Bot 65(8): 2079-2091.
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1 Protocol published
In situ Digestion of Wheat Cell-wall Polysaccharides
Authors:  Dušan Veličković and Hélène Rogniaux, date: 12/05/2014, view: 9481, Q&A: 2
Cell walls of the wheat endosperm are mostly composed of arabinoxylans (AX) and mixed (1→3), (1→4)-β-glucans (BG) (Saulnier et al., 2012). Here, we present an optimized protocol to degrade enzymatically these cell-wall polysaccharides into ...
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