Angus Murphy Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland, USA
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Haibing Yang
  • Purdue University
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Plant Science, University of Connecticut, 2006

Current position

Associate Research Scientist, C3Bio Energy, Center and Department of Horticulture Architecture, Purdue University (2010- Present)


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  2. Christie, J. M., Yang, H., Richter, G. L., Sullivan, S., Thomson, C. E., Lin, J., Titapiwatanakun, B., Ennis, M., Kaiserli, E. and Lee, O. R. (2011). phot1 inhibition of ABCB19 primes lateral auxin fluxes in the shoot apex required for phototropism. PLoS biology 9(6): e1001076.
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1 Protocol published
Membrane Preparation, Sucrose Density Gradients and Two-phase Separation Fractionation from Five-day-old Arabidopsis seedlings
Authors:  Haibing Yang and Angus Murphy, date: 12/20/2013, view: 21507, Q&A: 0
Membrane preparation has been widely used for characterization the membrane proteins. Membrane fractions can be separated by a combination of differential and density-gradient centrifugation techniques (Hodges et al., 1972; Leonard and ...
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