Victor Arvanian (former Arvanov)
  • Research Division, Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center, USA
Research focus
  • Neuroscience
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Biophysics, Center of Biophys, Acad. Sci. of Armenia, 1981

D.Sc. (Doctor of Sciences, equivalent of the Research Professor title), Bogomolets Inst. Physiology, Acad. Sci. Ukraine, 1990

Current position

Research Professor and Project Director, Northport VAMC and Department of Neurobiology & Behavior, Stonybrook University, NY

Publications (selected)

  1. Hunanyan, A. S., Petrosyan, H. A., Alessi, V. and Arvanian, V. L. (2013). Combination of Chondroitinase ABC and AAV-NT3 promotes neural plasticity at descending spinal pathways following thoracic contusion in rats. J Neurophysiol.
  2. Petrosyan, H. A., Hunanyan, A. S., Alessi, V., Schnell, L., Levine, J. and Arvanian, V. L. (2013). Neutralization of inhibitory molecule NG2 improves synaptic transmission, retrograde transport, and locomotor function after spinal cord injury in adult rats. J Neurosci 33(9): 4032-4043.
  3. Arvanian, V. (2013). Role of Neurotrophins in Spinal Plasticity and Locomotion. Current pharmaceutical design 19(24): 4509-4516.
  4. Hunanyan, A. S., Petrosyan, H. A., Alessi, V. and Arvanian, V. L. (2012). Repetitive spinal electromagnetic stimulation opens a window of synaptic plasticity in damaged spinal cord: role of NMDA receptors. J Neurophysiol 107(11): 3027-3039.
  5. Garcia-Alias, G., Petrosyan, H. A., Schnell, L., Horner, P. J., Bowers, W. J., Mendell, L. M., Fawcett, J. W. and Arvanian, V. L. (2011). Chondroitinase ABC combined with neurotrophin NT-3 secretion and NR2D expression promotes axonal plasticity and functional recovery in rats with lateral hemisection of the spinal cord. J Neurosci 31(49): 17788-17799.
  6. Schnell, L., Hunanyan, A. S., Bowers, W. J., Horner, P. J., Federoff, H. J., Gullo, M., Schwab, M. E., Mendell, L. M. and Arvanian, V. L. (2011). Combined delivery of Nogo-A antibody, neurotrophin-3 and the NMDA-NR2d subunit establishes a functional 'detour' in the hemisected spinal cord. Eur J Neurosci 34(8): 1256-1267.
  7. Hunanyan, A. S., Alessi, V., Patel, S., Pearse, D. D., Matthews, G. and Arvanian, V. L. (2011). Alterations of action potentials and the localization of Nav1.6 sodium channels in spared axons after hemisection injury of the spinal cord in adult rats. J Neurophysiol 105(3): 1033-1044.
  8. Hunanyan, A. S., Garcia-Alias, G., Alessi, V., Levine, J. M., Fawcett, J. W., Mendell, L. M. and Arvanian, V. L. (2010). Role of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans in axonal conduction in Mammalian spinal cord. J Neurosci 30(23): 7761-7769.
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  11. Arvanian, V. L., Manuzon, H., Davenport, M., Bushell, G., Mendell, L. M. and Robinson, J. K. (2006). Combined treatment with neurotrophin-3 and LSD facilitates behavioral recovery from double-hemisection spinal injury in neonatal rats. J Neurotrauma 23(1): 66-74.
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  22. Seebach B.S., Arvanov V. & Mendell L.M. (1999). Effects of BDNF and NT-3 on development of Ia/motoneuron functional connectivity in neonatal rats. J. Neurophysiol 81(5):2398-405.
1 Protocol published
Rat Model of Chronic Midthoracic Lateral Hemisection
Author:  Victor Arvanian, date: 09/20/2013, view: 9622, Q&A: 0
Although most spinal cord injuries (SCI) are anatomically incomplete, only limited functional recovery has been observed in people and rats with partial lesions. To address why surviving fibers cannot mediate more complete recovery, it is important ...
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