Sabrina Rizzolio Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology, Candiolo Cancer Institute and Department of Oncology of the University of Torino, Italy
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Luca Tamagnone
  • Department of Oncology, University of Torino, Candiolo Cancer Institute-IRCCS, Italy
Research focus
  • Cell biology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Human Oncology, University of Torino, Italy, 1997

M.D., University of Torino - Medical School, Italy, 1991

Current position

Lab head and Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology of the University of Torino, c/o Institute for Cancer Research in Candiolo (IRCC)

Publications (short selected list)

  1. Tamagnone, L. (2012). Emerging role of semaphorins as major regulatory signals and potential therapeutic targets in cancer. Cancer Cell 22(2): 145-152.
  2. Rizzolio, S., Rabinowicz, N., Rainero, E., Lanzetti, L., Serini, G., Norman, J., Neufeld, G. and Tamagnone, L. (2012). Neuropilin-1-dependent regulation of EGF-receptor signaling. Cancer Res 72(22): 5801-5811.
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  5. Casazza, A., Finisguerra, V., Capparuccia, L., Camperi, A., Swiercz, J. M., Rizzolio, S., Rolny, C., Christensen, C., Bertotti, A., Sarotto, I., Risio, M., Trusolino, L., Weitz, J., Schneider, M., Mazzone, M., Comoglio, P. M. and Tamagnone, L. (2010). Sema3E-Plexin D1 signaling drives human cancer cell invasiveness and metastatic spreading in mice. J Clin Invest 120(8): 2684-2698.
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1 Protocol published
A549 细胞中的表皮生长因子(GCF)受体内吞作用分析
Authors:  Sabrina Rizzolio and Luca Tamagnone, date: 08/05/2013, view: 16472, Q&A: 0
The following endocytosis assay has been optimized to assess EGF-stimulated EGFR endocytosis; but could be modified to assess other ligand-stimulated endocytosis of plasma membrane receptors (for which fluorochrome-conjugated ligands are available ...
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