Clara Bermejo
Research focus
  • Microbiology
  • 0 Author merit


Ph.D. in Microbiology, UCM University Madrid, Spain, 2008

Current position

Senior Scientist, 10X Genomics, USA

Publications (selected 10 of 14 papers)

  1. Bermejo, C., Haerizadeh, F., Sadoine, M. S., Chermak, D. and Frommer, W. B. (2013). Differential regulation of glucose transport activity in yeast by specific cAMP signatures. Biochem J 452(3): 489-497.
  2. Bermejo, C., Haerizadeh, F., Takanaga, H., Chermak, D. and Frommer, W. B. (2011). Optical sensors for measuring dynamic changes of cytosolic metabolite levels in yeast. Nat Protoc 6(11): 1806-1817.
  3. Bermejo, C.*, Ewald, J. C.*, Lanquar, V.*, Jones, A. M. and Frommer, W. B. (2011). In vivo biochemistry: quantifying ion and metabolite levels in individual cells or cultures of yeast. Biochem J 438(1): 1-10.
  4. Arroyo, J., Hutzler, J., Bermejo, C., Ragni, E., Garcia-Cantalejo, J., Botias, P., Piberger, H., Schott, A., Sanz, A. B. and Strahl, S. (2011). Functional and genomic analyses of blocked protein O-mannosylation in baker's yeast. Mol Microbiol 79(6): 1529-1546.
  5. Bermejo, C., Garcia, R., Straede, A., Rodriguez-Pena, J. M., Nombela, C., Heinisch, J. J. and Arroyo, J. (2010). Characterization of sensor-specific stress response by transcriptional profiling of wsc1 and mid2 deletion strains and chimeric sensors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. OMICS 14(6): 679-688.
  6. Bermejo, C.*, Haerizadeh, F.*, Takanaga, H., Chermak, D. and Frommer, W. B. (2010). Dynamic analysis of cytosolic glucose and ATP levels in yeast using optical sensors. Biochem J 432(2): 399-406.
  7. Bermejo, C.*, Rodriguez, E.*, Garcia, R.*, Rodriguez-Pena, J. M., Rodriguez de la Concepcion, M. L., Rivas, C., Arias, P., Nombela, C., Posas, F. and Arroyo, J. (2008). The sequential activation of the yeast HOG and SLT2 pathways is required for cell survival to cell wall stress. Mol Biol Cell 19(3): 1113-1124.
  8. Vegh, I., Santiuste, A. D., Colina, F., Bor, L., Bermejo, C., Aragon, A., Moran-Jimenez, M. J., Gomez-Camara, A., De Salamanca, R. E. and Moreno-Gonzalez, E. (2007). Relationship between biomarker expression and allelic alteration in esophageal carcinoma. J Gastroenterol Hepatol 22(12): 2303-2309.
  9. Fernandez-Arenas, E., Cabezon, V., Bermejo, C., Arroyo, J., Nombela, C., Diez-Orejas, R. and Gil, C. (2007). Integrated proteomics and genomics strategies bring new insight into Candida albicans response upon macrophage interaction. Mol Cell Proteomics 6(3): 460-478.
  10. Nierman, W. C., Pain, A., Anderson, M. J., Wortman, J. R., Kim, H. S., Arroyo, J., Berriman, M., Abe, K., Archer, D. B., Bermejo, C., Bennett, J., Bowyer, P., Chen, D., Collins, M., Coulsen, R., Davies, R., Dyer, P. S., Farman, M., Fedorova, N., Fedorova, N., Feldblyum, T. V., Fischer, R., Fosker, N., Fraser, A., Garcia, J. L., Garcia, M. J., Goble, A., Goldman, G. H., Gomi, K., Griffith-Jones, S., Gwilliam, R., Haas, B., Haas, H., Harris, D., Horiuchi, H., Huang, J., Humphray, S., Jimenez, J., Keller, N., Khouri, H., Kitamoto, K., Kobayashi, T., Konzack, S., Kulkarni, R., Kumagai, T., Lafon, A., Latge, J. P., Li, W., Lord, A., Lu, C., Majoros, W. H., May, G. S., Miller, B. L., Mohamoud, Y., Molina, M., Monod, M., Mouyna, I., Mulligan, S., Murphy, L., O'Neil, S., Paulsen, I., Penalva, M. A., Pertea, M., Price, C., Pritchard, B. L., Quail, M. A., Rabbinowitsch, E., Rawlins, N., Rajandream, M. A., Reichard, U., Renauld, H., Robson, G. D., Rodriguez de Cordoba, S., Rodriguez-Pena, J. M., Ronning, C. M., Rutter, S., Salzberg, S. L., Sanchez, M., Sanchez-Ferrero, J. C., Saunders, D., Seeger, K., Squares, R., Squares, S., Takeuchi, M., Tekaia, F., Turner, G., Vazquez de Aldana, C. R., Weidman, J., White, O., Woodward, J., Yu, J. H., Fraser, C., Galagan, J. E., Asai, K., Machida, M., Hall, N., Barrell, B. and Denning, D. W. (2005). Genomic sequence of the pathogenic and allergenic filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus. Nature 438(7071): 1151-1156.

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